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Amorgos is the easternmost island of Cyclades and with its elongated shape it appears to be protecting the eastern Lesser Cyclades. It is an island with a rich cultural heredity and particularly wild beauty that inspires awe to the eyes of the visitor from the moment of arrival.

It is undoubtedly the island of contrasts. On one side the mountains and on the other the steep cliffs descending to fairytale beaches with crystal clean waters. The alternations of the landscape enchant the visitor raising inside them a multitude of strong and pleasant feelings. It is not an accident that Luc Besson chose Amorgos of all Cyclades to shoot his masterpiece The Big Blue.

In Amorgos you will taste the hospitality of Greek people. Its inhabitants have toiled for many years as Amorgos was classified as a non-profit-line island. They were deprived of communication and now that the island is developing rapidly Amorgians offer generously unforgettable moments to all who choose it. The people are goodhearted, conscientious, and despite the increase in tourism the last few years they remain pure and loyal to the traditions of their island. Fetes organised right through summer but also during the rest of the year, revive customs carried over from the olden days, for the young to learn and the old to remember…

The island with the strong Cycladic personality and the unscathed from time traditional character what will impress you, especially as here the old meets the new and together they walk hand in hand without one interfering with the other.

P.S. Remember that anyone holidaying in Amorgos tells three lies: ‘I’m leaving tomorrow’, ‘I’m not drinking any more Psimeni Raki’ and ‘I’m not coming back’.


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Give yourself and to those you love a once in a lifetime cruise at the island of Amorgos.

Discover the secret beauties of Amorgos and enjoy the best beaches where one can go to only by boat. Take pictures of the ornament of our island, “the monastery of Holy Mary Hozoviotissa”. The grandeur of its view can be seen while aboard standing like a white dove on the steep rocks that stretch down to the sea. Take pictures next to the petrified pirate and swim at the most beautiful beach of the island “Chalara” where one can get there only by boat. All the wildlife of Amorgos (steep rocks, beaches and unique caves) can be captured there.

Give yourself and your loved ones a cruise that will remain unforgettable to you!